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Peter Eades, Operations Director

Peter Eades setup DealerWebs a division of Creativity Sells Ltd in January 2007, Peter's aim was to take the knowledge and experience that he had in retailing and use it online to build a real lead generation tool. With Matt's history in the bike market it was an ideal market for them to enter. As one of the most complicated retail sectors where far from selling just the metal, there is the clothing, the parts, accessories and the servicing to name a few. A solution had to be developed where all profit centres were catered for, while still providing an excellent online experience for the browser. This created many complex challenges, but with a comprehensive understanding of the Internet and the bike market the DealerWebs™ Motorcycle Dealer Website Solution was born.

Peter's family background is from the motortrade so it is not suprising that sooner or later he choose to return to it, although now in the more passionate and exciting motorcycle industry.

After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University, Peter has worked across several retail sectors including home furnishing and telecommunications, during this time Peter was customer facing and sucessfully managed sales teams and retail stores. He then worked for Emap and gained valuable experience with a key client list across a wide variety of retail sectors including automotive and motorcycle advising on thier marketing efforts. This insight into the automotive trades and other businesses has given him a good overview and experience of the market sector, and now of course is a director at DealerWebs. Peter also holds a NVQ qualification in retailing which has helped him understand the science behind selling to the public.

One of Peter's previous employers won a prestigious "National Retailer of the Year Award" whilst he was at the helm.

DealerWebs are the leading supplier of Motorcycle Dealer websites in the UK. Peter's experience in the motorcycle industry ensures that he understands your marketplace and the challenges that the market faces.

Overall Peter's experience has proven the need for great customer service and together with his collegues and fellow directors will ensure that Dealerwebs™ deliver the very highest standards.


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