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Mon, 11 Jul 2011

DealerWebs integrate with the industry leading electronic diary system 'Contact Online' from Success Unlimited

Our latest website technology is producing more online bike sales enquiries than ever before. This said, however, many dealers don’t have effective systems in place to capture and maximise these opportunities.

To assist dealers in handling these enquiries effectively, and therefore maximising the return on investment, Dealerwebs has linked up with Success Unlimited that provides an industry-leading web based sales diary and marketing system called Contact Online.

Over 100 dealers are already seeing the benefits of Contact Online across the UK.  

Most websites only send an email letting the dealer know that an enquiry has been made on the website. It is very easy for these emails to become lost among other emails and for the valuable sales enquiry to be neglected.

DealerWebs has now developed a direct link to Contact Online, which immediately transfers the web enquiry and all the customer's details into a diary. This promotes better follow up of web enquiries resulting in an increase in sales.

One dealer sold 173 bikes last year (20% of all their sales) after the 4th point of contact.  How many dealers would follow up an enquiry more than twice?

There is NO COST to include the Contact Online Integration on the latest DealerWebs platform and it can be integrated into existing DealerWebs websites for a minimal charge.

Contact Online also provides information on how many sales leads have been generated from the website and how many have been converted into sales.

For more information on Contact Online please contact Andrew Pawley on 01132 555185 or visit their website www.contactonline.info

If you want to sell more bikes buy don't yet have a website from DealerWebs, please call 0845 257 8277 and ask for Matt or Pete, or alternatively contact us online for more information.

In you’re not a DealerWebs customer, don’t worry, you can still transfer leads generated by your existing website to the diary for a small one off charge. For details of how to do this and full instructions to pass to your web developer call Andrew on the Contact Online helpdesk 01132 575 636.


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