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February 2011

Harley-Davidson choose DealerWebs as an approved supplier of Harley-Davidson dealer websites

Harley-Davidson approached DealerWebs on the back of the success of website solutions built for HarleyWorld Chesterfield and Blade Group Harley-Davidson.

After over 4 years of rigorous development, DealerWebs has created the ultimate brand extension to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership. The DealerWebs Harey-Davidson website solution encompasses all aspects of what is required to prosper in what is clearly now a new age in motorcycle dealer marketing and direct selling.

In brief, the DealerWebs Harley-Davidson website solution consists of:

  • authorised new bike data (including images / technical specs etc) always UP TO DATE
  • a fully populated Harley-Davidson online store - where you have FULL control
  • used bike integration
  • automatically populated with Harley-Davidson marketing initiatives
  • EASY to use content management (your nan's nan could use it!)
  • built in direct marketing tools, such as e-mail marketing
  • unparalleled customer support
  • market leading Search Engine Optimisation
  • secure and LOW COST payment gateway from the industry leader SagePay (including PayPal)
  • TOTALLY unique to your own business - not a template, your brand is your business, so this deserves maximum attention.
  • 1-1 contact with the directors of the business at ALL times.
  • The whole team at DealerWebs are motorcycle industry professionals, love bikes, and understand the market - and how to maximise your online potential. The design of a website is 5% of the job - the other 95% is all about the engine beneath the tank - ask our customers how we have transformed their businesses in real terms i.e. bottom line return on investment.

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Your website is so very important and will without doubt have an impact on your future success.

If you would like an informal chat with the directors of DealerWebs to discuss your goals and aspirations, please contact us - we'd be delighted to hear from you and will call you straight back. Equally, we'd be very happy to visit your dealership and you'd be very welcome to come along for a brew and a chat at our office.


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