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January 2010

Triumph choose DealerWebs as 'Exclusive Dealer Website Partner'

If you were at the Triumph Dealer Conference earlier this year, you will have seen Andrea Friggi - the UK Marketing Manger of Triumph Motorcycles UK - present the future online strategy for Triumph Motorcycles. Triumph has performed extremely well and will continue to do so - there is a very clear and well defined vision for the brand, on and off-line.

A huge element in the future success of the motorcycle industry is the Internet. Triumph Motorcycles fully acknowledge the importance of a strong dealer online presence. After many months of research, they chose to partner exclusively with DealerWebs for their Triumph dealer network website solutions.

What does exclusive partner mean?

Behind the scenes, there is a huge amount of product data that needs to be processed. This includes all the Triumph Motorcycle images / specs, Deals, Finance Offers, Clothing, Parts and Accessories etc... in a format that needs to be presented online in the individual dealer websites. The real challenge lies in keeping this up to date throughout the whole Triumph dealer network at all times...

Rather than develop many integration platforms for the many other website companies that exist - and indeed considering previous issues with other online partners - Triumph Motorcycles needed a partner that could deliver, for now and future online development plans. Triumph concluded that DealerWebs has the strongest industry knowledge, technical skillset, creative flair, proven results and all out enthusiasm for the motorcycle industry.

As a result, DealerWebs are working closely with Triumph Motorcycles and Cogent Elliot - Triumph's advertising agency, to deliver an in depth and sustainable online dealer solution that is categorically geared to maximise sales and future growth.

Embrace your future online success now

If you would like to have a chat about your current or future online plans, please call DealerWebs on 0845 257 8277 and ask for Matt Bradshaw or Peter Eades, who will be delighted to share their ideas and experience with you.



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