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DealerWebs Testimonials

We work EXTREMELY hard to keep our customers happy - this is what really counts in our view. We're very proud of the feedback we receive - and this is real feedback, often unprompted... We're so confident that we go the extra mile to keep our customers happy that we'd be delighted to give you the name of every single business owner / manager that we have worked with.

Please follow the links below and read what our customers have to say about their experiences of working with DealerWebs.

Damerells Motorcycles - Honda, Yamaha

Matt / Peter thanks for the great website! We have already added 90% of all our stock and can't believe how easy it is to add stock and navigate the site in general a pleasure to use.

I really love the fact that all of our Honda and Yamaha bikes and manufacturer offers are up to date, and we don't have to do anything. Also, the fact that we just upload our bikes via BikeTrader as normal and they appear in our website is great.

I have to say, the real difference I have noticed (already!) is the increase in sales enquiries we have experienced since we changed from our other website - and I'm amazed at the results are showing in Google already. Something we were really missing out on before...

In summary, your drive, expertise and enthusiasm for the success of our business has been noticed and we're delighted we made the decision to choose DealerWebs. Thanks again for the ease of use and both your professionalism and back up support.

Steve Damerell
Damerells Motorcycles ltd



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