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DealerWebs Testimonials

We work EXTREMELY hard to keep our customers happy - this is what really counts in our view. We're very proud of the feedback we receive - and this is real feedback, often unprompted... We're so confident that we go the extra mile to keep our customers happy that we'd be delighted to give you the name of every single business owner / manager that we have worked with.

Please follow the links below and read what our customers have to say about their experiences of working with DealerWebs.

Stratstone - Triumph and Harley-Davidson

It’s difficult to decide in a recession what will help or hinder your business, but one thing you have to do is maximize your opportunities. This is exactly what we did when investing in DealerWebs for our two new websites for Stratstone Triumph Wolverhampton and Stratstone Triumph Leicester both of which were brand new business’s with no local database.

When we first met the DealerWebs team, you couldn’t help but be excited about what was to come, because, as you will find out, they talk with such a passion and enthusiasm for your new potential site that you cant help be swept along. This enthusiasm runs alongside total professionalism and dedication to you from the whole team.

We piled on the pressure to get our websites up and running as quickly as possible and we weren’t disappointed. The level of enquiries, Test Rides, Part Exchange enquiries, on-line store purchase’s has been absolutely phenomenal and has surpassed all of our expectations. The websites continue to drive traffic to the Dealerships and they have helped us build the vital database that both sites needed. I’m sure the level of work that went in behind the scenes was far from the calm collected attitude that we have always received from the Team at DealerWebs.

It was a complete pleasure working with the Team, which is why we are currently creating three new websites through Dealer Webs for Stratstone Harley-Davidson Wolverhampton, Stratstone Harley-Davidson Birmingham and our new store Stratstone Harley-Davidson Stoke and I have no doubt in my mind that the Harley-Davidson sites will be as successful as the Triumph sites.

Nikki Marks
Marketing Leader



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